Editorial Consulting

Peter loves writing books, but he’s also a big fan of helping other people turn their own ideas into written brilliance. He can help at every step of the process:

  • Outlining/strategy
  • Writing (ghosting if need be)
  • Proof reading
  • Self publishing
    • Formatting interiors
    • Finding good cover designers
    • Producing ebooks
    • Producing audio books
    • Crack marketing campaigns
      • Leveraging bloggers
      • Basic promotional web sites for books
      • Earned media

No two projects are alike, so Peter is happy to be flexible¬†with his level of involvement. Some clients want him for a few hours, but others need a few months or even a year. Book projects are long and complicated affairs, but whether you need advice, a push in the right direction, or someone to write the whole thing, Peter has been there and done that. For a free initial consultation, fill out the contact form below and let’s talk!