Classified Ads: Place yours today!

Current rates:
100 words: $45
60 words: $30
25 words: $20

Tired of the same damn podcast ads from the same usual suspects? Us too. (I mean, really, was life really so rough before mail order shaving accessories?)

That’s why So Crazy it Just Might Work is supported by listeners like you who place classified ads that we read on the air (and post on the show’s web site for at least month). Just fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch about how you can pay for it. Then get ready for international fame and fortune!

What can a classified ad be about? Pretty much anything you want. You can advertise your small business, go off on some rant about childproof caps, sell us on your religion (looking at you, Mormons!), react to something you heard on the show, react to something you heard on some other show, or alert concerned citizens to watch out for your lost Labrador puppy. We just ask that you stay within the bounds of good taste and try your best to be entertaining. Oh yea, and we reserve the right to refuse an ad for any reason we want.

Fill out this form to get started: